Vacant Home Staging

We furnish vacant or partially vacant homes with quality furnishings and décor.  Creating a custom look and plan for each home. Help your home looks its best, create a lasting impression on potential buyers, and highlight the assets of your home.

Home Staging Consultation

A staging consultation will help home owners fine tune each space, providing the guidance and expertise necessary to prepare your property for sale.  We take a hands on approach and help pack unnecessary items away, arrange and style furnishings and décor using items from within your home, we will create a plan to help your home make a lasting impression in person and in pictures! A home needs both preparation and showcasing to help buyers appreciate it the way sellers want them to!

Home Redecorating

Want a new look or feel like you want to refresh your home, we do that.  We specialize in working with you to create spaces you love.  If you want to create a fun space for your kids, a cozy office retreat, or make your living space more functional and stylish, we can help.  We provide ideas, shop alongside you, and help pull your space together.   

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